Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taxes to Taxes

Since I've been broke due to crappy recession bonuses this year I have to file my tax return ASAP, to get my own money back, to pay my property taxes. What fucking vicious circle. Since I don't trust people, because most them are gross, I use Turbotax. Sacopapa did scare me a bit this week with his government conspiracy rant against Turbotax, but I'd rather risk Stormtroopers at my house rather than trust a South Florida accountant. Plus Sacopapa believes every conspiracy in the book anyway.

So hopefully this efile shit works quickly so I can turn around and pay my property taxes before I get a visit from the Broward Sheriff. Plus now with Obama being all defiant, it surely seems I won't be getting my beloved stimulus check again in 2010. Shit sucks. I am the Robotman.

1 comment:

  1. You know me to well Robotman, I believe on all the Goverment conspiricies. Like Joe Pesci says ""they fuck you at the drive thru, they know your gona a mile down the road before you check your bags, and your not comming back,they fuck you at the drive thru"